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The search for ever-improving performance and reliability makes the constant updating of construction techniques and materials essential, and so Austin Parker has built its hulls, decks and superstructures by infusion ever since it started the production of its current range in 2008. The key benefit is the specific weight of the laminate: it is much lighter with the infusion technique. What’s more, the risks of careless workmanship on the part of an individual are eliminated. This building technique provides greater safeguards for occupational health and the environment, since none of the harmful gases released during hand working are generated, and the vacuum ensures that no air is trapped within the metal, reducing the risk of osmosis. 



During the production of fibreglass elements, we use balsawood as the structural element of the sides of the vessel.  This has two advantages: firstly it increases the moment of inertia and bending strength, reinforcing the element’s shape to provide a more perfectly smooth overall form; secondly, it improves the bonding (due to the porosity of this type of wood), enabling the internal and external fibreglass “skin” to adhere more closely to the sandwich panel structure. Another equally important factor is the use of clear gelcoat during the infusion of the fibreglass elements, to allow visual quality control during production.



The teak that covers the decks of our yachts is taken from a single trunk to ensure homogeneous color. The planks are glued using a “vacuum” system without the aid of a mechanic: this technology eliminates any water infiltrations due to the classic method of fixing the planks with screws; the caulking, done using only high quality rubbers, ensures greater resistance to atmospheric agents.



To offer maximum onboard comfort by eliminating noise and vibration, we build the internal compartments and floors of each yacht with marine sandwich panels with insulation and soundproofing material. This feature also increases privacy onboard when the yacht is used by the Ship-owner, guests and crew. A special feature is used for the doors to the bedrooms and bathrooms; they are attached with double action hinges for micrometric precision and perfect closure; each door also has a “soft” all-around gasket to reduce any vibrations.



The exhaust systems of all our yachts’ engines are designed and built to reduce noise emissions and increase comfort when under way at all speeds. A well designed exhaust system also optimises and considerably reduces fuel consumption. The engine room, designed and built with a high level of soundproofing, is designed to allow easy access to every single system and item of equipment installed, simplifying routine checks and all servicing procedures.  



Austin Parker yachts are designed to start planing rapidly at low speeds thanks to their very well shaped hulls, assuring very comfortable travel and low fuel consumption. The variable hull angle enables these craft to tackle moderates seas in absolute safety. The focus on comfort at all speeds has led to the development of a special engine exhaust system, soundproofed to a level that allows relaxed chat with guests on board while on the move.


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